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Story added on 9th March 2008

The Museum is going to be having a bit of a quiet year in 2008, with most effort being put into the ongoing work on the F-100 and T-33. A new arrival is expected shortly, of which more when it's here! Currently on the schedule for the summer is work to re-assemble the Viscount. Planning is also underway for a temporary display devoted to Alex Henshaw and his flying career, which will be put on during October. Early next year will see the 50th anniversary of the Argosy - we would welcome contact from anybody who worked, flew or maintained the aircraft, or had any other sort of link.

For regular readers of Malcolm's updates - sadly for the time being at least Malcolm has other commitments away from the Museum. We hope to see him back when he can make it.

News Update 20/10/07

Foggy evenings followed by frosty mornings later in the week has meant that the actual time available for all sensible people to work outside has gradually got cut down of late. So by way of necessity most tasks undertaken by the engineering workforce this week had to fit in to that time slot. But despite this the Beaver had some more paint applied both on top and on the belly, along with a start on the T55 Lightning decals. Our Canberra had its bi-annual bath and scrub down on top as well.

The Gannett yellow bands were finished making it look very smart & a start was also made to rid it of some long term dings and dents it had suffered during its life. Whilst active with the hide face hammer & reaction block I also took the opportunity to straighten up a few other aircraft... read more

News Update 13/10/07

Nothing major to report this week, just a steady working week on the final painting tasks to be undertaken this year, The T33 has now got its full winter undercoat and has sprouted some odd colour trials on the tip tanks, this should give you a clue as to its final scheme. The Gannet yellow bands had started to fade, so a start has been made to correct that with a rub down and prime of the affected areas. The top coat will be applied today if the weather holds.The F4 is making good progress with the fuselage nearly finished. Wash downs this week were on the BP111a and 125, both very dirty and makes you realise that air pollution is very real when you have to wash and scrub the evidence of it away. Finally we have completed fitting the wing anti streaking strips to the Argosy, I just hope... read more