Aircraft Listing

Armstrong WhitworthArgosy 101G-APRLOften open for viewing
Armstrong WhitworthMeteor NF.14WS838On loan from the Aerospace Museum, Cosford
Armstrong WhitworthSea Hawk FGA.6WV797 
Armstrong WhitworthWhitleyN1498Remains; fuselage section etc. - the only substantial Whitley remains in existence
AvroVulcan B.2XL360Cockpit usually open for viewing
BAEHarrier GR.5N/ANose section (procedures trainer), cockpit sometimes open for viewing
BAESea Harrier FA.2ZE694 
BlackburnBuccaneer S.2BXX899Owned by Robin Phipps; nose section
BristolBeaufighterPossibly T5298Cockpit section
Boulton PaulP.111AVT935 
CrossleyTom ThumbBAPC.32Stored, viewable by arrangement
DassaultMystere IVA70 
de HavillandDove 2G-ALCUMarked as locally based G-ALVD
de HavillandSea Vixen FAW.2XJ579Nose section
de HavillandSea Vixen FAW.2XN685Repainted 2008
de HavillandVampire F.1VF301Only Mk.1 Vampire in the UK
de HavillandVampire T.11XD626Tailbooms under restoration; remainder in storage area but should be viewable
de HavillandVampire T.11XE855Fuselage pod under restoration; remainder in storage area
de Havilland CanadaU-6A Beaver58-1062 
DruineD.31 TurbulentBAPC.126 
English ElectricCanberra PR.3WF922Cockpit sometimes open for viewing; electrics & hydraulics live; under restoration - see here
English ElectricCanberra T.17AWH646Nose section, cockpit open for viewing
English ElectricLightning F.6XR771Repainted 2011/12
English ElectricLightning T.5555-713Only complete example in the UK and in full RSAF colours; sponsored by Glynwed International
FaireyGannet T.2XA508On loan from Fleet Air Arm Museum; only remaining Mk.2 Gannet in existence
FaireyUltra LightG-APJJOnly complete example in existence
FlettnerFl 282V-1028368Partial aircraft; frame with rotor head and wheels; under restoration
FollandGnat F.1XK741Marked as Finnish GN-101. Fuselage; wings to be added in due course
GlosterJavelin FAW.5XA699Web site here
GlosterMeteor F.4EE531Second oldest Meteor in existence
GlosterMeteor F.8VZ477Nose section, cockpit open for viewing
HawkerHunter F.6AXF382On loan from the USAF Museum, cockpit often open for viewing; electrical system live; web site here
HawkerTyphoon IBJR505Cockpit/forward fuselage frame and radiator; stored, viewable by arrangement
Hawker Siddeley125 series 1G-ARYBFuselage and partial port wing; test bed
Hunting-PercivalJet Provost T.3-Cockpit section (procedures trainer)
KamanHH-43B Huskie24535Under restoration; one of only two in the UK
LockheedT-33A-1-LO51-4419On loan from USAF Museum
LockheedT-33A-1-LO17473On loan from USAF Museum
LockheedF-104G StarfighterR-756Restoration, sponsored by ASP International, completed 1997
McDonnellF-101B-80-MC Voodoo56-0312On loan from USAF Museum; under restoration
McDonnellF-101B-80-MC Voodoo57-0270On loan from USAF Museum; nose, airfield fire crews rescue training aid (not viewable)
McDonnellF-4C-15-MC Phantom II63-7414On loan from USAF Museum; dismantled, spares use
McDonnellF-4C-11-MC Phantom II63-7699On loan from USAF Museum; MiG killer!
MignetHM.14 Flying FleaG-AEGVRestored 2011
Mikoyan-GurevichMiG-21SPS "Fishbed"959 
MilMi-24 "Hind-D"Red 06On loan from BAE Systems
North AmericanF-86A Sabre48-0242 
North AmericanF-100D-16-NA Super Sabre54-1174On loan from USAF Museum
ParnallPixie IIIaG-EBJGStored, viewable by arrangement
PercivalPrentice T.1VS623 
PZLTS-11 Iskra408Marked as 1706; repainted 2011
SAABJ29F Tunnan29640Only one in the UK
Scottish AviationBeagle 206-1G-ASWJNot at Museum; on loan to Brunel Technical College, Bristol
SlingsbyCadet TX.1Stored; usually viewable
SlingsbyGrasshopperXK789Under restoration; usually viewable
VickersViscountF-BGNRUnder restoration
WestlandWhirlwind Series 3G-APWNSometimes open for viewing
WestlandWhirlwind HAS.7XK907Storage area - remains of nose section, viewable by arrangement
WheelerSlymphG-ABOIStored, viewable by arrangement

We also have various aero engines (both piston and jet), missiles (including Blue Steel, Sea Slug and Thunderbird), aircraft components (including TSR2 ejection seat, canopy and noseleg), wind tunnel and publicity models, etc.