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Story added on 28th July 2007

This aircraft was the second prototype built and whilst actively flying helped to gain type certification. After this it was used by the Hatfield apprentices who made it in to what it is today. We have refurbished components where required to once again make the hydraulic systems operational.

We have had this hand pump operated Hydraulic Demonstrator functioning for a while now and it has proved extremely reliable so we would invite colleges and students to make an appointment to use the aircraft to safely and aptly demonstrate working Flap,Airbrake and Undercarraige systems.

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With seating for 12 it makes an ideal educational day out away from the typical classroom enviroment for engineering and aeronautical students.

Beaver Benefits

Beaver DH-2 58-2062

Resplendant in her new Lizard Brown colour our Beaver is responding well to the TLC she is getting from Brian, one of our regular volunteers. Suprisingly from the Dark Blue side of the aviation fraternity, Brian has transformed our Berlin Wall snooper with his meticulous attention to detail, in to a very pleasing photogenic exhibit. Our Guestbook shows an entry from a former crew member that flew with this aircraft and allowed us a further insight in to its undoubtedly interesting history.

Still loads to do of course but well worth a mention in our catagory of "Whats Going On at MAM"

... read more

Argosy Refurbishment

It was decided towards the end of 2006 that our Argosy was in need of a good clean. However because of a forecasted window of good weather it seemed a good time to implement our plans to give it a re-paint in time for the summer season. Although a large area the complete airframe was washed and scrubbed using scouring pads (I forget how many) as a power washer does not cut the mustard when it come to Midlands grime. Rolls and rolls of masking tape later and a mountain of 4 inch rollers we had a very shiny presentable looking Argosy.


The interior was also painted and split in to three distinct sections, fore and aft freight holds and a centre seated (classroom) section.... read more

Old News

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