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Story added on 19th March 2017

Great news for the V Bomber enthusiast. Our Victor nose section will be open following an 18 month refurbishment on Easter Sunday and Easter Monday all day (subject to comfort breaks etc) so bring along your re-enactment gear if you want and have a photo taken in the Pilots seat (if you wish) and enjoy a live (and noisy) cockpit. Be the first to get it on twitter etc as the insides have not been made public before. The Holiday Friday and Saturday we will do our best to have it open but with limited guides on these days its not a promise we can make. Also open will be the Viscount with the same proviso as the Victor Nose. Needless to say the Vulcan /Argosy/Hind will be viewable as usual over the whole holiday period. All the usual amenities you associate with this friendly museum a suberb cafe and guides who will interact and talk to you (not down to you).

Which leads on nicely to a new feature gradually being introduced at the museum that is the Visitor triggered audio set up, used in a couple of nose sections in the hanger at the moment but it is an area we are expanding to give a slightly better and always changing visitor experience.

A small caveat to the above, as V bombers were not built to be child friendly (or even adult friendly in some cases), we do ask that young children should not accompany adults in to the cockpit but be left with a responsible adult outside as there are very real safety implications in allowing this and we ask that you do not put the guide in to the awkward area of having to refuse entry. As a guideline we would offer the advice that if a child is in secondary education it will e fine, as they will be more spacially aware of all the sticky out bits. Aircraft do bite just ask any museum volunteer.

Whilst at the museum you will observe that the Tornado is getting some final touches and enhancements along with another look at the Voodoo to try and prevent the ever present corrosion problem from getting the upper hand.

Victor Nose pictures are larger than usual to entice you to visit (Dont tell the webmaster)

Vic nose 1

Vic nose 2

Vic nose 3

Vulcan now open

All the repainting is now finished and the Vulcan is open for business as usual... read more

Vulcan Winter Refurbishment


Due to the high wear and tear on the Vulcan cockpit and access steps the cockpit will have to be closed for refurbishment from the 26th February until the 4th March inclusive.

Of course if we get it finished sooner and the paint is dry (weather dependant) we will open it sooner.

Sorry if it coincides with a planned visit but we will do our best to have other aircraft available during these dates.

Museum Manageress... read more

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