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Danish Hunter gets a new identity

Story added on 21st July 2007

After 6 years in the Black Arrows scheme we have re-painted our Danish F51 Hunter (E425) in to the more colourful EPTS Rasberry Ripple. A complete refurbishment of the cockpit interior has been carried out, with a new main panel having to be populated and fitted, along with the re-painting of the pristine condition inside of the fuselage in etch primer. Topped off with a new canopy she sits proudly in her new Museum location just awaiting the final touches.


Now open by request to public viewing the only way to appreciate the condition of this fine example is to come and see her for yourself,

We are fully aware of the arguments for and against lookalike frames pretending to be what they are not, the owner of XE601 on which this re-paint is modelled had been approached whilst we were still in the planning stage and he gave his full approval. After all, it is only a coat of paint on metal no structural changes are ever made and full documentation is kept of every stage, including photographing what is found during the paint sanding stage. Things that would otherwise remain hidden and perhaps lost forever one day.

Whirlwind Paint & move

Great news for 1960s fans, after a long search we eventually came up with a new scheme for our Whirlwind that dated her right back with the Beatles. Used exclusively by Bristows for its entire life we were anxious to come up with an earlier scheme rather than the classic red white and blue.

Rubbing down the tailcone provided the first clue, two shades of blue. A black and white picture gave the scheme but not enough detail to start the paint job. Then a very early colour picture appeared courtesy of Lee Howard that didn't quite match our actual colours found on the frame but gave us the final pieces of the jigsaw. So you see her now fully re-painted and moved in to our "Interactive" area, blades removed to give her some room and a new lease of... read more

Sea Harrier

The recently-acquired Sea Harrier now has its rudder back in place, complete with new paint job. The Sea Vixen's repaint is coming along nicely too, with most of the topside grey now done and stencilling being put back in place. Also, the Canberra restoration is proceeding very well with the fuselage having been repainted - wing undersides next!... read more

Old News

30/04/05: Canberra WF922
22/04/05: F86 Sabre from Duxford
15/02/05: Sea Harrier

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