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November update

Story added on 20th November 2012

We dont go in to hibernation at the museum during the winter but it is true to say that a number of outside projects tend to go on hold at this time of year. Saying that we do try to take advantage of the good days where we can. An example of this is the fitting of the Viscount fairings. On average it takes about a day to fit one set of engine fairings which means you can if your lucky get it secured before dark. As you can imagine its not easy as each panel has fasteners that havnt been lubricated for about 15 years and all the anchor nuts need re-tapping. We have been lucky enough to get some engine fairings from the Viscount that is at the Moreton-in-the-Marsh Fire Training School as our inboard engine fairings have not followed the aircraft on its travels. The fairings we obtained are quite badly corroded as you would expect but we hope to make a good cosmetic job of fitting them. Just dont try to take them off in a hurry. The plan is to make the No 1 engine fairings openable for public viewing on special occasions as they are complete and safe to open. Some photos of the progress so far and an idea of the corrosion on what should be fairing hinges. Engine fitting is scheduled for spring of next year as is the opening for public access to the interior. A team are working on re-stepping the main entrance steps as we speak. The humidifier is doing a sterling job and needs emptying every two days so the water is coming out of something and it smells quite nice and fresh inside.

No 4 No 1

corrosion 1 corrosion2

Now that the Mig is in the Robin hanger the final touching up of the paintwork is taking place. The photo shows the tail badge being re-painted. Not quite sure about the high gloss finish being strictly applicable to the Mig but it sure looks nice and it will last longer than a pure matt finish.

mig tail

The Polish Iscra has had its main undercarraige doors refurbished and fitted in the last week. These doors went walkabout at the museum and eventually came to light some 9 months after the wings were put on. They were in a safe place of course (perhaps too safe). The stored Wing Pylons have been fitted to this training war bird to give it a slightly more agressive feel. It is a much photographed exhibit by the high number of Polish nationals that visit the museum.

iscra door port Pylon stbd

Sept/Oct News update.Still here,Still Thriving

Let me explain first of all about the "Still Here" bit on the title. The truth is that ever since the move of Airbase to Newquay and the publicity it recieved both nationaly and localy we have been getting phone calls to ascertain that we are still here. So rest assured that we are here and still growing in stature and content.

Right now on to the news update itself. After the frantic activity of the Viscount assembly everyone took a step back and rewarded themselves with a well earned rest. It wasnt allowed to last long however and soon the sound of metal bashing and paint rollering resumed. Well in truth not quite as much paint application as we would have liked because the weather is not being very kind. But the Vulcan is finished and the Whirlwind which was so ably started by... read more

August Update

Sorry the update is a little late this time but Im sure that as you read on you can understand that we wanted to include our latest achievements without being tied to strict editorial deadlines. The major event happened on the 10th September but we didnt want the website to lag behind by some 3 weeks before it was updated and pictures posted.

Well its happened at last and after the planning which began in March/April the Viscount has finally stood on its own legs (Not without a fight of course) at last. Nearly the whole of the staff at the museum were involved in one way or another and you have to say the team worked faultlessly for the three days involved in the assembly assisting the three man professional team brought in to do the job. From the tea and coffee supplied by the shop... read more