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August Update

Story added on 13th September 2012

Sorry the update is a little late this time but Im sure that as you read on you can understand that we wanted to include our latest achievements without being tied to strict editorial deadlines. The major event happened on the 10th September but we didnt want the website to lag behind by some 3 weeks before it was updated and pictures posted.

Well its happened at last and after the planning which began in March/April the Viscount has finally stood on its own legs (Not without a fight of course) at last. Nearly the whole of the staff at the museum were involved in one way or another and you have to say the team worked faultlessly for the three days involved in the assembly assisting the three man professional team brought in to do the job. From the tea and coffee supplied by the shop to the official archive videoist, the engineers couldnt have been better supported. At some stages to be fair there were a few unexpected snags that cropped up such as the nosewheel being in the uplocked position. These problems were overcome without any brute force being involved and you have to say that the British engineering inherent in the design and construction of the aircraft really did help us get a good strong assembly. Helped greatly by some very careful preparation of all the main assembly points. You cannot but notice the quality of the County Lifting supplied cranes involved, one of which was only released for use some two days before the lift,this being its first real job. They all performed faultlessly and kept within the Air Traffic regulations that were issued. The weather held out (just) with very little wind which made the tricky assembly job just that much easier to accomplish. The process doesnt end there of course as its only the beginning of the long haul to make it in to a presentable exhibit, but its a major step that allows those at the museum now, and those that follow, can build on for the future. The pictures speak for themselves and are in rough chronological order but as anyone can tell you that has been involved in an assembly of this size, when things happen they happen quickly and there is not always a lot of time to get the photos you need.

Pre assemblyTail lift

wing overThree crane lift

Nearly thereOn three legs at last

More photos will be posted when the official recorder has passed on his efforts. Other things happening last month was the arrival of a Scout Army Air Core Helicopter. This frame belongs to Coventry University who will be sending trainee aircraft technicians to work on it to hone their skills in a practical enviroment.

scout 1Scout 2

The Electra nose has seen some more progress although the paintwork is waiting for some approvals. These photos show the interior (again) with some photo shop produced dials in place. A temporary measure we hope until some real ones become available. Also a glimpse of the excellent state of the electrical panels.

electra eng 1Electra eng 2

electra eng 3

Finally a photo of the Vampire showing the alarmed state of the pilot who we think has just seen the hanger ghost.

Vampire cockpit

July Update

Starting the news this month with a report of a new working team at the museum. It is our newly formed Junior Restoration Section. Always difficult to encourage the younger generation to make the effort to come to the museum on a regular basis but if we get a corum then we allocate a senior member to oversee the work and try to ensure that it is challenging and interesting. This team have started the repaint of the Westland Whirlwind. They have broken the back of the preparation stage and have just started to apply the top coat. We wish them every success in their project and hope the weather and enthusiasm holds out for them to finish the job.

The Mig 21 is getting its final new coat of paint in its new shiny colours. Spraying is never an easy excercise... read more

June update, a new arrival & WE are staying at Coventry..

To remove any ambiguity in peoples minds it is best we state quite clearly that we are committed to stay in Coventry and remain open as an acredited museum. We wish Classic Flight every success in their new home at Newquay and although we will miss their presence at Baginton it does not affect our commitment to Coventry Airport at all.

The topic on most peoples lips at the museum has to be the really bad weather that the summer has dished out so far. It has to be said that whilst we have had our fair share of the inclement stuff a lot of people have had it a lot worse. As promised last month we are pleased to be able to announce the arrival of our Lockheed Electra cockpit section on site. We dont want to get drawn in to the argument about cockpit sections being good or bad for the... read more