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Sea Harrier

Story added on 20th May 2005

imageThe recently-acquired Sea Harrier now has its rudder back in place, complete with new paint job. The Sea Vixen's repaint is coming along nicely too, with most of the topside grey now done and stencilling being put back in place. Also, the Canberra restoration is proceeding very well with the fuselage having been repainted - wing undersides next!

Canberra WF922

The Canberra has undergone a transformation over the last year or so thanks to the efforts of volunteer Malcolm Lambert, an ex-RAF electrician.

Malcolm has done a phenomenal amount of work on the aircraft with the result that the electrical and hydraulic systems are now live and as a result we can now open the flare bay and camera ports and operate the flaps and airbrakes. When powered the cockpit now hums along exactly as it did when in service, right down to a fully functioning radio which bursts into life from time to time, seeing as it's tuned to Coventry tower! A brief news item cannot do justice to the amount of work carried out, but thankfully Malcolm has written an article which can be found on Les Bywaters' excellent Canberra site.
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F86 Sabre from Duxford

Adding to our line-up of early jets was a new arrival from Duxford - an F-86A Sabre. This aircraft has been previously exhibited at Duxford's American Air Museum and the Planes of Fame Museum at Chino in the USA.... read more

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15/02/05: Sea Harrier

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