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News Update for November

Story added on 1st November 2011

Got to be honest this news report is going to be a bit thin on content, lots of group visits and making sure we are ready for the coming winter soaks up the available manhours, leaving a reduced workforce to push on with the renovation work. However some progress has been made on the Fletner. The tail section has been attached to the fuselage giving a much better idea of the aircrafts overall length. Loads more work on the project to follow of course which will be reported as it happens.

image image

The Viscount story goes one step further with the addition of the mains lighting panel being made and mounted in the rear cabin luggage compartment. The mains suply to the outside of the aircraft is being proffesionally installed and will be a fully safety certified installation. We anticipate using small strip lights in the original roof lighting units to maintain as much originality as possible. Blackpool it wont be but it means that lighting will be available when it is finally opened. Anyone who has had to take down airliner trim panels knows that it is not an easy task to refit them afterwards so its a job that can be done over the winter without pressure. The second picture is where the power lead will be stowed when its not in use, once again making use of an external access that involves no interference to the basic airframe at all.

image image

Finally as a bit of padding for the news, three pictures of the Leopard, two to show just how luxurious the interior of this business jet would have been and the third of the engine compressor (small isnt it). Needless to say that to keep the interior in its pristine condition we dont allow access to anyone (members included).

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Second half of October

With an average volunteer age of over..... well you can guess the rest, its at this time of year that we look for those "slightly" warmer places to vent our workforces enthusiasm on worthwhile projects. So it is this that provides us with most of the theme for the second half of Octobers news.

A long term but nonetheless achievable task is the bringing to life of the Singer manufactured Cessna flight sim. Built in an era when computer boards were just coming in vogue the idea of them was good but the unreliability of the edge connector boards and some of the earlier chips was to eventually bring about its commercial demise. It does have the potential of providing some customer intereraction even in a limited form so it is a good winter project for some of our computer experts (so... read more

News update for October 2011

News first of all of the AGM. This was held on a hot Saturday evening, hot in the temperature sense that is, so the chairman had to do some swift talking to keep the assembled members from letting there minds wander to the nearest cold drinks machine (or Pub). Business moved along swiftly and as this is no place for detailed reporting suffice to say we are in good shape with good prospects and a steady hand on the tiller. All in all everyone came away with good positive thoughts and a resolve to make next year even better.

Now for the more interesting stuff.

A few months back the Fletner helicopter had a mention, well the tail plane manufacture from the CAD drawings is still progressing. The picture cannot show the precision of the assembly but this unique machine is having... read more