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Second half of October

Story added on 17th October 2011

With an average volunteer age of over..... well you can guess the rest, its at this time of year that we look for those "slightly" warmer places to vent our workforces enthusiasm on worthwhile projects. So it is this that provides us with most of the theme for the second half of Octobers news.

A long term but nonetheless achievable task is the bringing to life of the Singer manufactured Cessna flight sim. Built in an era when computer boards were just coming in vogue the idea of them was good but the unreliability of the edge connector boards and some of the earlier chips was to eventually bring about its commercial demise. It does have the potential of providing some customer intereraction even in a limited form so it is a good winter project for some of our computer experts (so called).

image image

Mentioned before is the full strip & re-paint of the Firestreak missiles, this is still ongoing and will once the paint has been removed be brought indoors to be etch primed and sprayed.

image image

Now for something that doesnt fit the indoors mould unless we can find room in the hanger at some time, it is the Bofors gun. A long time asset this gets a make over every few years and in the best army tradition gets painted over and over again. For an outside exhibit though this is not such a bad thing as the paint thickness does keep the rust at bay. All of the elevating and rotating mechanisms are warned that they will be in for an overhaul from our resident "Plumber". It should keep him busy for ages.

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As a finale for this month the Canberra fin has had an extra layer of paint to keep the woodwork dry throughout the winter. For those not familier with the tail fin construction of the Canberra, its sides were of fabric covered marine ply construction to allow the twin "Gee H" navigational aerials to work correctly. It was partially reskinned about 8 years ago and needs a watchful eye to make sure that the weatherproofing remains intact. Not wanting the rest of the fin to look unloved the forward surface was recovered with irish linen, doped and repainted by our fully trained ex Mossie fitter. Included are some archive pictures of what a "Gee H" aerial actually looks like (nobody ever gets to see one normally) in situ and the re-skinning in progress, the last picture is as it is now. Note in the last picture the trestle that is positioned to catch the airframe should the snow build up on the tailplane try to tip her up. You cant be too careful with the forecasted bad winter.

image image image

News update for October 2011

News first of all of the AGM. This was held on a hot Saturday evening, hot in the temperature sense that is, so the chairman had to do some swift talking to keep the assembled members from letting there minds wander to the nearest cold drinks machine (or Pub). Business moved along swiftly and as this is no place for detailed reporting suffice to say we are in good shape with good prospects and a steady hand on the tiller. All in all everyone came away with good positive thoughts and a resolve to make next year even better.

Now for the more interesting stuff.

A few months back the Fletner helicopter had a mention, well the tail plane manufacture from the CAD drawings is still progressing. The picture cannot show the precision of the assembly but this unique machine is having... read more

News update for September

Sorry this News story is a little late this month but with the extra workload of the Art Exhibition most other tasks had to be put on temporary hold. The exhibition was well received by everyone that visited during the three weeks that it was open. Photos were taken on the day of the opening ceromony and include the Reds flyover.

Now that the Voodoo is looking smart in its new livery it was felt that the F100 Super Sabre just had to be given the makeover treatment, started a bit late in the season work has begun on the rubbing down process in the hope that painting can be carried on the better days that are left of the summer. Whilst mentioning the Voodoo some unusual photos can be taken with the Air Brakes extended, something that is not normally seen... read more