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News update for October 2011

Story added on 3rd October 2011

News first of all of the AGM. This was held on a hot Saturday evening, hot in the temperature sense that is, so the chairman had to do some swift talking to keep the assembled members from letting there minds wander to the nearest cold drinks machine (or Pub). Business moved along swiftly and as this is no place for detailed reporting suffice to say we are in good shape with good prospects and a steady hand on the tiller. All in all everyone came away with good positive thoughts and a resolve to make next year even better.

Now for the more interesting stuff.

A few months back the Fletner helicopter had a mention, well the tail plane manufacture from the CAD drawings is still progressing. The picture cannot show the precision of the assembly but this unique machine is having its feathers made with watchmaker precision. No-one is predicting when the tail will eventually be mated to the fuselage, but that will happen when its good and ready. For those of you who are not familier with the intermeshing blade principle that this aircraft pioneered a picture of the gearbox is shown.

image image

Out of the hanger and in to the museum itself the Super Sabre team are still making new paint stick to the fuselage of this aircraft and are determined to carry on until bad weather dictates otherwise. It really is nice to see this machine get some attention as its a pretty rare old beast in the UK. Just to mention that the photos on the news section are not taken with the intention of showing off the whole aircraft, just the relevant work in progress, so chopping off the nose/tail in some photos is allowed.

image image

A link from the previous sentence provides the link for the next photo and shows preliminary work on another museum rarity. You do the research and find out what a team are going to be doing this winter in the hanger. Second picture shows the almost non stop work that our carpentry team have to do to keep up the museums ability to display its artifacts, great unsung work that only goes on in the background at every museum irrespective of genre. Nearly all done with recycled materials it has to be said as well.

image image

No news update could be complete without mention of the Vulcan. Lots of high level work on the tail still going on, you cant paint it very often so what you do paint has to last so preparation is key to this project. Corrosion on airframes is always going to be with us in our field so we have to treat it correctly when we find it and at the top of the Vulcan tail has to be one of the more challenging areas. To finish on, there is still ongoing work on the Viscount interior to fulfill some of our next year ambitions. This time it was the turn of the very sad looking overhead luggage racks. Many of them had disintegrated completely, others were holed and shredded. Whilst in an ideal world we would have replaced them with a woven mesh Im afraid that the work involved in taking them out of the aircraft and all the associated trim implications meant that a modern fix had to be applied to the problem of their replacement. The best of the originals have been repaired and left in situ and the other racks have had a plastic mesh secured in place. The overall effect is quite acceptable and whose to say that at some future date we might find someone who can weave and has a few months to spare. Nothing has been done that cant be undone in a day or so, but like a lot of these compromise decisions we make it wasnt undertaken lightly. The originals incidently do show the prolonged effect of what nicotine staining can do to plastic UGH.

image image image

News update for September

Sorry this News story is a little late this month but with the extra workload of the Art Exhibition most other tasks had to be put on temporary hold. The exhibition was well received by everyone that visited during the three weeks that it was open. Photos were taken on the day of the opening ceromony and include the Reds flyover.

Now that the Voodoo is looking smart in its new livery it was felt that the F100 Super Sabre just had to be given the makeover treatment, started a bit late in the season work has begun on the rubbing down process in the hope that painting can be carried on the better days that are left of the summer. Whilst mentioning the Voodoo some unusual photos can be taken with the Air Brakes extended, something that is not normally seen... read more

News update for the second half of August.

The front of the building now looks very acceptable and it will be a welcoming feature for visitors turning up to the Art Exhibition held in the Robin Hanger. Preparation is complete and members can at last step back and review their efforts of the last few weeks. Just goes to show that with a lot of effort you can turn a sows ear in to a silk purse.

The new look entrance

On to the aircraft side of things, power washing of the F86, Fairy Gannet, F104 and Canberra left a few members with aching muscles that they didnt know they had but the dreaded mould and dirt had to be removed. The Canberra rudder and fin has always suffered from errant birds who insist on using it as a perch for there toilet. We have looked at the standard... read more