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News update for September

Story added on 19th September 2011

Sorry this News story is a little late this month but with the extra workload of the Art Exhibition most other tasks had to be put on temporary hold. The exhibition was well received by everyone that visited during the three weeks that it was open. Photos were taken on the day of the opening ceromony and include the Reds flyover.

image image image

Now that the Voodoo is looking smart in its new livery it was felt that the F100 Super Sabre just had to be given the makeover treatment, started a bit late in the season work has begun on the rubbing down process in the hope that painting can be carried on the better days that are left of the summer. Whilst mentioning the Voodoo some unusual photos can be taken with the Air Brakes extended, something that is not normally seen in museums. A small but significant detail has been completed on the Hind. The cable that restrains the cabin door has a simple but effective method of covering, just a leather strip sewn to make a tube. This had suffered during the aircrafts life and a days work with a new leather strip, needle and thread had them replaced.

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Plans are afoot for the Vulcan repaint. A lot of work is needed on the tail area to address the inevitable corrosion issues. A start has been made but make no mistake this is a long term winter project that is very weather dependant notwithstanding the problems of access to the higher parts. It doesnt interfere in anyway with our policy of allowing guided public access to the Vulcan cockpit area everyday at no extra charge. The last picture this month shows the Viscount cabin with the seat rails and seats all securely in place. A good days housekeeping left it smelling as fresh as a daisy. Plans are afoot to have an electrical supply available on the Viscount to allow the judicial use of a de-humidifier. Trunking is in place just a matter of having it proffesionally connected.

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News update for the second half of August.

The front of the building now looks very acceptable and it will be a welcoming feature for visitors turning up to the Art Exhibition held in the Robin Hanger. Preparation is complete and members can at last step back and review their efforts of the last few weeks. Just goes to show that with a lot of effort you can turn a sows ear in to a silk purse.

The new look entrance

On to the aircraft side of things, power washing of the F86, Fairy Gannet, F104 and Canberra left a few members with aching muscles that they didnt know they had but the dreaded mould and dirt had to be removed. The Canberra rudder and fin has always suffered from errant birds who insist on using it as a perch for there toilet. We have looked at the standard... read more

News update for August

August comes around far to quickly every year, preparation for the Art Exhibition takes a lot of man power and organisation for all those involved and thats just about everyone. Aircraft have to be moved the hanger cleaned, carpet laid, screens erected, flags hung, a whole mulitude of small things that make the big thing work. Pictures will be posted later in the month to show the real thing but a picture here will show the hanger prep in progress. The Exhibition will be open to the public from Tues 16th August for 3 weeks. Also recorded was the very well attended Guild of Aviation Artists Sketch day. A whole day where they gather ideas and sometimes even complete sketches to be mulled over by their peers.

On to the front of the main building, for some... read more