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Update June 2011

Story added on 3rd June 2011


We will start the June rolling update with a new picture of the progress on the Lightning, Its one of those projects that might take all summer to complete as the team involved are also two of our stalwart most active guides. Progress is being made though. Middle picture is a little bit of mission creep because its what you can see through our fence and its always interesting to see what other peoples activities are. Somethings take a long time to get attention and the third picture shows a ground rectifier unit that we reckon has waited at least 20 years for its turn to come.

image image image

Next in line for some remedial treatment this month and hot of the press is the Sea Hawk, sun and rain have not been kind to the grey paint and it looked so dull alongside its Hawker companion that we decided to spend a few days giving it some remedial treatment. Not a complete repaint by any means but enough to make it a good clean well presented photographic exhibit once again. For the David Brown tractor enthusiast (& there are quite a few of those around) our tractor has had new core plugs, a new water pump and an oil change so far this month. When tasked with pulling the Sea Harrier forward to make some room to remove the Mig from the Robin hanger it just breezed the task. Residing as it does under the Vulcan wing to keep it out of the worst of the weather the team that undertook the task have made an excellent job of getting it servicable again.

image image image

A spell of good weather allowed a good deal of work to be carried out last week. Not to mention the ever present problem of keeping the site from drowning in a sea of grass and weeds. Evening visits from various groups are becoming very popular and we are kept busy juggling the list of volunteers to accompany these commitments. An advantage of these tours is that it gives the guide a chance to air there knowledge to the full rather than answering the usual run of the mill questions. If you are the member of a group & would like to arrange an evening visit please give us a ring.

Starting off with an update on the Flea renovation. It is now installed safely upstairs and the upper wing has been fitted. This just leaves the lower wing fitment to complete the renovation and I do believe that that is imminent. The picture shows the lower wing painting in progress.

image image

Another project that hasnt had any publicity yet but could have huge public appeal when completed is the renovation of the Link trainer (later mark) I will find out more specific detail of the model/unit in question and update the news item. Although not fully functional yet it is hope by the team to restore partially at least some of the movment axis.


The Hunter F6A has now been completed and if any one wants a chocolate box picturesque looking Hunter for photo shoots etc then this has to be it (for the time being). The name of Sqn Ldr Stuart Eastwood C.O. of 234 (Shadow) sqn has been duly re-applied and the 234 Sqn Association who are very pleased with the final result informed of same. The final shot is one of the complete Sqn badge carried by aircraft of 234 Sqn.

image image image

Just started this week is the repaint of the Lightning F6. No mean task this as anyone who has been alongside a Lightning will testify, It is a lot larger than it looks. Not just a repaint fo it this time but a good sanding down as well. Not to bare metal I might add as that just adds to the workload but enough to remove a few layers of flaking paint and provide a good smooth surface on which to apply the new paint. I will not reveal the new markings yet but it will be different but there is no disguising the fact that it will remain in camo. As an aside the F6 donated some firewire to the Bruntingthorpe Lightning group to allow them to keep one of their birds live. Not something we normally do but it was an excellent cause and the correct approaches made. The Voodoo front end has been smoothed off and the team are in the process of getting the stars and bars re-instated.

image image

Thats the first offering for this month but please keep checking as it will be updated and further info added (if newsworthy of course).

News Update May 2011

Visits this weekend from a Lucas Aerospace group and a vintage car club complete with mandatory Alvis MGs and such kept the guides and cafe very busy. We were also represented by able volunteers at the Motor Museum in Coventry this weekend manning a stand highlighting the first flight of Whittles engine.

A few more shots of the Hunter to keep the rolling news theme alive. A very brief spell of suitable painting weather means that the fusalage and wings are finished, just the finishing touches to be completed on the roundals and yellows.

An update as well on the Sea Vixen nose repaint which is going on a pace.

Our Hunter XF382 is having a repaint, interupted at the moment by the lack of a suitable... read more

News Update April 2011

The annual model show is to be held at the museum on Sunday 26th June all the usual traders will be here with loads of bargains to be snapped up. Following this the Art Exhibition is to be held from the 16th August to the 3rd of September, an event not to be missed as it will also include a master class for aspiring artists and a chance to talk to some members of the Guild of Aviation Artists.

Back to the more mundane matters of what’s been happening on the ground or as in the case of the Canberra, off the ground.

Our Canberra PR3 has been airborne on jacks this month to allow for the quarterly main and nose wheel rotation to take place, this prevents flats forming on the rubber and greatly prolongs the life of the tyres. Having gained access, a good clear out... read more

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