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News Update March 2011

Story added on 1st March 2011

As promised another update to enlighten our web followers of the goings on at MAM. As with most museums at this time of year most of the on going work has been tackled in the hanger or workshops, Quite a lot of aircraft washing and scrubbing is carried out during the winter, but it doesn’t make headlines and therefore doesn’t really rate as news although the undertaking of it is back breaking work.

The Flea project continues to make steady progress and although there is still a long way to go it certainly rates a couple of shots to show the excellent progress being made. Pictures show the main body during re-paint and repairs carried out on the smaller wing. Our Jet Provost training aid cockpit is being repainted and the internals rejuvenated. The aim is to have it as a mobile cockpit display exhibit which can be used at both internal and external events.

image image image

Two photos to show some real technical work from the woodworking section in the making of the Fletner rear end. All accomplished from scratch using blueprint drawings. A real labour of love from the team that produced two Gnat wings using the same process.

image image

From a brief mention in the last update we have included a picture of the 234 Sqn Griffin from the Hunter F6A Nose. Just look at that detail. We are very lucky to have a professional signwriter on the books. For more and very detailed information on this aircraft follow the link given on our "Links" page to a brand new website compiled by one of our members.


The Argosy main door handle eventually gave up the ghost a couple of weeks ago, so some deft welding and shaping produced the handle shown. It does get a lot of usage though so we do ask that it is used with care. Three shots of wind tunnel models that the museum are privileged to own, if you want to know more on them then pay us a visit and look more closely at what might have been.


Always a photographers favourite the Voodoo repaint has been interupted by winter but with some new panels now fitted and painted it is certainly looking better.


News Update Feb 2011

Very remiss of us at MAM not to keep the news section of the site updated, no excuses tendered. To bring all of the news up to date would take a very long winded update so apologies for the somewhat brief mention of some activities. The work has finished on the new building alongside of the main hanger, now going under the name of “The Argosy Centre”, opened by Eric 'Winkle' Brown; its facilities have been put to very good use by members and resident clubs alike.

The harsh winter period saw a lot of snow clearing carried out by members on our exhibits and path ways, suffice to say we were never forced to close even during the worst of the bad weather. No exhibits were damaged, the only casualty being the David Brown tractor that “popped”... read more

Latest updates

Building of a new education centre alongside the main Museum hangar commenced in mid February and the centre will be opened later this year; this is all part of the Museum's ongoing links with local education establishments and mission to educate as well as preserve the region's aviation history.

On the exhibit front, since the last major news update the F-86 Sabre has had several missing panels fabricated and a complete repaint; work continues on the Viscount with the intention of attaching the wings later this year and the Iskra has now been reassembled and put on display. Restoration work also continues on the F-101 Voodoo.
... read more

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