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News Update 13/10/07

Story added on 13th October 2007

Nothing major to report this week, just a steady working week on the final painting tasks to be undertaken this year, The T33 has now got its full winter undercoat and has sprouted some odd colour trials on the tip tanks, this should give you a clue as to its final scheme. The Gannet yellow bands had started to fade, so a start has been made to correct that with a rub down and prime of the affected areas. The top coat will be applied today if the weather holds.The F4 is making good progress with the fuselage nearly finished. Wash downs this week were on the BP111a and 125, both very dirty and makes you realise that air pollution is very real when you have to wash and scrub the evidence of it away. Finally we have completed fitting the wing anti streaking strips to the Argosy, I just hope it works as its a large area to clean underneath. Having done it once this year, I am not in a hurry to repeat the excercise.

After completing the Argosy the high access platform was transferred to the Vulcan nose where after a good clean I inspected the paintwork. My conclusion was that next year a re-paint of the top half of the Vulcan will be required, having decided that we can spend the winter looking for a suitable sponsor (any takers). We were aware that the tail area needed doing, but initially it was thought that thats all that would be required, but because it could be Vulcan year next year due to 558s influence, we dont want our example to let the side down. The inside of XL360 is in complete beautiful condition & we intend to keep it that way for our daily guided tours of the cockpit.

A couple of Diary dates for you, The Gas Turbine Group are on site on Nov 18th, usually the morning will provide you the opportunity to see model gas turbines running outside of the Robin Hanger, and yes they are noisy. Then on the 2nd of December we have the Model Fair.

This week to make up for the lack of content I have done two "where am I" pictures, one easy, the other not quite as easy.Last weeks picture was taken from the ground looking up at the port inner wing of the Argosy (showing the drip strip).



Where Am I

News Update 06/10/07

Good steady progress this week on the aircraft that are being painted with the F86 being started by Chris who has been here man and boy. As with all the volunteer work that goes on, painting can only take place when members are free to give us their time and it also coincides with a good weather window. Given those restraints I think we do rather well with only three of our outside collection not having been re-painted in the last three years. To keep them all looking good the next few weeks has been set aside to do some more wash downs, with both Hunters and the Sea Hawk already completed, next for treatment during the coming week will be the Gannet and HS125. I am sure that being alongside the airfield fire dump doesnt help but dirt seems to gather awfully quickly on these Midlands aircraft.

Our... read more

News Update 29/09/07

The weather held up for us last Sunday and the model show began on time, with all the traders and clubs in position by 9.30. The site quickly filled up after we opened the doors at 10 and as we predicted the museum volunteer staff were hard pressed to find time for lunch. Everything went very smoothly the only near crisis came at about 4 when the cafe had used nine out of its ten loaves. With no cakes left and very little else it was about that time that everyone decided that it was home time, so no-one went hungry.

With everyone involved and so much having to be moved to accomodate the show, the days following it didnt see much in the way of restoration going on, because it all had to be re-positioned in its correct place again. To top it all the weather broke and the painting schedule... read more