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News Update 29/09/07

Story added on 28th September 2007

The weather held up for us last Sunday and the model show began on time, with all the traders and clubs in position by 9.30. The site quickly filled up after we opened the doors at 10 and as we predicted the museum volunteer staff were hard pressed to find time for lunch. Everything went very smoothly the only near crisis came at about 4 when the cafe had used nine out of its ten loaves. With no cakes left and very little else it was about that time that everyone decided that it was home time, so no-one went hungry.

With everyone involved and so much having to be moved to accomodate the show, the days following it didnt see much in the way of restoration going on, because it all had to be re-positioned in its correct place again. To top it all the weather broke and the painting schedule we had planned for the early part of the week was once again put on hold until Thursday. Currently undergoing some TLC is the Saudi T55 Lightning, the paint and laquer previously applied to the airframe was inspected and declared fit for a few more seasons, but the under carraige and radar cone areas were in need of urgent attention. Now this is an area that Gordon excells in so he set to work with the help of myself and very soon both main U/C sets after a good clean and scrape were once again shining in their new paintwork. Gordon and a few other volunteers had a timely days instruction on a BAPC surface finishing course which was held on site on Tuesday. Very worthwhile and extremely informative was the consensus.

The Phantom is being painted when the weather allows with the port side of the fuselage nearly complete. Always a difficult time to get aircraft painted and with such blatent confliction from the forecasters the only reliable way to predict the weather is to look at the sky it seems.

Last weeks "Where Am I" was of course, given away by the fact that the three pictures above were all Lightnings. It was taken facing aft looking at the port under carraige door, rear latch hook mechanism. This weeks picture has no such links.




Where Am I

News Update 22/09/07

Preparation for the model show is well under way with the Robin and main hangers set out with traders tables all waiting to be loaded down with bargains. We will try if we have enough volunteer staff and the weather is favourable on Sunday 23rd, to open a few of the cockpits that are not normally opened to make it a memorable day for visitors. One way or another its bound to be a busy day for the hard working staff of the shop and cafe as well, with our museum re-knowned toasted sandwiches being in great demand as usual.

The past weeks achievements although not exactly ground breaking stuff have been carried out despite the worsening unpredicatable Midlands weather. Notably the completion of the fitting to XR771 our Lightning F6 of the Firestreaks. Without the proper slipper pads,... read more

News Update 15/09/07

Having got the Viscount settled down for her engineers to start the long process of restoration life for the rest of us carries on as normal. A few update photos to give you an idea of what we are currently working on, aircraft wise. One musnt forget though that the Shop, Cafe and Guiding activities still carry on despite what we are doing on the engineering front. These very important parts of any museum consume an awful lot of time and have to be manned regardless almost of what the aircraft restoration priorities are.

We changed the stbd main wheel on our Phantom this week, it was, as you would expect slightly reluctant to come off but Rob and a team of helpers managed in the end, replacing a very sad corroded wheel and split tyre with a spare we had in store. Nice to see the... read more